Wraith Recon - Woodinville, WA

Wraith Recon, Episode Two - Our Story Thus Far

You'd sacrifice your life to serve. But would you sacrifice something greater?

After returning to the ultra-secret Spellcom Keep within the Free Kingdom of Dardarrick, Wraith Four foiled an assassination attempt on their commander, Derrall Ruhrk.

The assassin, a strange ape-like man, cast a strange sleeping spell on everyone in the keep. Mysteriously, the spell only had minor effects on the Wraith team. They attempted to subdue the ape man, but he escaped, leaping off a balcony and plunging four stories to the dark forest.

Together with their new teammate, a dragonborn Paladin named Zak, the team tracked the assassin. After four days, the ape man’s tracks ended at a earth-quake-wrought chasm. The team scaled down the chasm and up a pouring waterfall, all the while assaulted with rocks by shadowy fiends.

Behind the waterfall they discovered an underground compound, and bravely ventured forth, determined to solve the mystery of who had subdued Spellcom, and why.

It was their second mission. It was not even official. Without Spellcom to guide them, they were blind.

Their rogue, Kioska, brilliantly disabled a trap that could have killed several team members. Immediately after that, the team fought of a regiment of decrepit skeletons and a screeching swarm of needle-tooth drakes.

Barely surviving the combat, the team realized they were in an ancient, abandoned eldtrich laboratory. While exploring the cavernous room, a gelatinous cube attacked them. It engulfed Zak and his fellow Dragonborn, Torlasar.

Their teammates fought on. Soon, the Dragonborn Wraiths escaped the oozing cube. Under the leadership of warlord Torlasar, the team reorganized. While the two heavily-armored dragonborn kept the monster at bay, ranger Fiona, rogue Kioska and wizard Thuranthalian shot blow after blow into the disgusting creature. The five Wraiths worked as a team, their motions well-orchestrated clockwork. They finally destroyed the horrid beast. Exasperated, exhausted and delirious, they watched the fiendish ooze melt.

The team dressed each others’ wounds. There was still no word from Spellcom. Though the teammates didn’t communicate in any way, each knew the others’ thoughts:

How much worse could it get?


I uhhh… may have been errr… engulfed by the fascinating creature as well, whilst delving for spell components in my rather voluminous, but eminently handy Bag of Holding!


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