Wraith Recon - Woodinville, WA

Wraith Recon, Episode One

You'd sacrifice your life to serve. But would you sacrifice something greater?

They knew it would be tough. They just didn’t know how tough.

Wraith Unit Four, a magically-assisted special-operations team, barely survived their first mission.

They journeyed into ancient ruins of an unknown culture within the the enemy state of Lorn. They faced rabid kobolds, rotting vampires and evil spirits—not to mention the treacherous cleric, Miranda Steele.

They recovered the Lyre of Ishtar, and in the hands of their wizard, Thuranthalian, defeated the powerful vampire priest, Bashanipal. The cleric, however, escaped.

They returned as heroes, bearing the Lyre of Ishtar. But the lingering feeling of failure ails their hearts. What happened to Miranda Steele? Would she strike again at the heart of Spellcom? What other ancient evils does she seek to awake?

One mission changed everything for these rookie Wraiths. The quick-and-dirty escort mission had turned into a crawl through the pits of hell. Spellcom knew what it was sending them into. The question is, why didn’t Wraith Four’s commanders tell them? And after the betrayal of Steele, who could they trust?



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